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How I Beat Flappy Bird – And I Suck At All Other Games!!

When my son came home from school last week and I challenged him to another game of Flappy Bird – I knew that he was in for a surprise this time!

I’m an average guy, with well below average technology skills, let alone gaming skills, but Flappy Bird really caught my interest. It’s far more like the games we used to play in the 90s, it’s really difficult and seriously addictive.

I downloaded the game and immediately spent the whole of Sunday afternoon (including through dinner time) trying to get past the first 3 pipes! After a week of solid playing I was able to get past 5 pipes, but I just kept getting stuck on a really low one.

When I watched my son getting past 10 or so pipes (and he had been playing it for a few weeks now), I was determined to show him that I could school him!

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After searching the net low and high, all I could find were stupid tips such as “Go into a quiet place and focus” etc etc… It’s a game, not meditation! It’s supposed to be fun, not soul searching or a life pursuit.

Anyway, I ended up coming across this obscure link on an underground gaming forum (that I won’t mention here), and it directed me to “Flappy Bird Secrets”. It was described as a guide with secrets, strategies and tricks to beat the game, get higher medals, snake your way past those really sneaky low and high pipes etc.

I thought “Screw it – what have I got to lose?”.

I downloaded the guide – and I had one of those major facepalm moments.

Immediately I realised why I had been having so much trouble, I felt like a complete mug!

Some of the tips and tricks are so easy to implement, but you’d never think of doing them in a million years unless somebody actually took you by the hand and showed you what to do – which is what this guide does.

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After I spent a couple of minutes reading Flappy Bird Secrets, I couldn’t hold off any longer. I know I should have read the whole guide first, but I really wanted to try out the first strategy.

I picked up my iPad and started a fresh game, and, just, WOW.

As soon as I read the first strategy I thought, “This is going to be a game changer”, but I didn’t realise just how much I’d improve.

I sailed through 46 pipes on just my first try.

Remember, I’d been battling to get past 10 pipes, 10 minutes earlier!

Anyway, as soon as I had done that, I went back through the guide and implemented some more of the amazing tricks in there.

Long story short – my son came home (he is only 8 but he is so good at all games!), and I challenged him to a Flappy Bird showdown at the kitchen table.

I made milkshakes while he tried for about 10 minutes to get a killer high score. He finally handed me his top score of 33.

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I picked up my tablet and started to play while he watched – and when I got to 30 my son was pulling my ears, jumping up and down and trying every trick in his book to distract me, but I kept on flying!

When I got to 82, I stopped because I actually started to feel bad!

Anyway, if you are wanting some breaking secrets to help your birdie sail effortlessly to a stupidly high score, check out Flappy Bird Secrets now – it is epic!

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